An Angry and Inconvenienced Commuter (I Will Testify)

I read in the newspaper today that commuters are angry and inconvenienced by the bus strike.

I mean, I didn’t read it in the newspaper. I read it on their website.
Well, I tried to read it on their website but was told I would have to subscribe to read it.
They said it would only cost a euro a week but Fuck That, I’m not going to pay a euro a week to be patronised when I can have it done for free.
So, after highlighting the headline, then right click, search Google for, display cached copy…

I learned commuters were angry and inconvenienced,
‘Would you say you were livid?’
‘I was livid Joe!’
I was glad to know they cared,
Sometimes it seems like no one does,
Or Noone does, Willie Noone of SIPTU,
Or O’Leary, Dermot O ‘Leary of the NBRU who seemed so taken aback by secondary pickets he denounced his members, his employers, live on national radio.
Good boy, you’ll be rewarded with a treat no doubt.

I am angry and I am inconvenienced.
The only thing is, I know who to blame.
I saw bus drivers on a regular basis until they had to start on a new route,
Walking up and down in front of the depot holding a placard,
Hanging on to the unrealistic expectation that people deserve to be fairly paid for the job they do,
and that public services should serve the public.

I am in a position to report back on bus drivers,
They drive buses,
They do it well and get people where they are going.
They are remarkably polite considering how early they have to get up.
When I am waiting for the 7.10 109 and an old school friend starts talking to me I feel like murdering them,
Literally murdering them.
Unless the clock says at least 09:00 and there is an empty cup stained with strong espresso in my vicinity don’t even fucking look at me.

I can safely say bus drivers didn’t wreck the economy.
They aren’t responsible for a regime of low corporation tax that failed to develop native industry.
I saw them, they were driving the bus, I will be their alibi.
They didn’t gamble our future against an inflated property market.
They didn’t allow banks and developers farm the Irish people like mushrooms,
kept in the dark and fed plenty of shit.
And when it all went belly up, they were driving the bus getting people where they wanted to go safely.
I will testify….

They played no part in setting up NAMA or the bank guarantee scheme and transferring tens of billions of public money to pay for private mistakes,
(mistakes that may have been on purpose, shhhh, 😉 )
Don’t worry about how much tens of billions of euro is though.
It’s too much to get your head around.
Better off claiming your fellow workers are overpaid.
They didn’t take the IMF bailout, a loan with more strings than a symphony,
We can leave it to the kids but when we’re older we won’t get much sympathy.

They didn’t refuse thirteen billion in back taxes from Apple and then promise to fight to defend our right not to collect taxes from those who could most afford it,
Don’t worry about how much tens of billions of euro is though.
And I swear, with Bob as my witness (Dylan or Marley, you choose),
They didn’t pay out one and a half billion euro to victims of
clerical abuse and then not try to claim that money back from the religious orders.
They were too busy driving the bus.

They didn’t, and I will swear this under any oath you ask, they DID NOT take money from
The sick,
The elderly,
The poor,
The disabled, the dispirited and the disheartened,
And all so the rich would not have to be inconvenienced.
They drove the bus and only asked for enough to take care of themselves and their families.

And I, finally I swear this is the last thing,
I feel safe knowing the driver is not exhausted from working two jobs.
I feel safe knowing they are concentrating on the road
and not worrying how to put a roof over their families heads or food on the table.

I put my life in their hands twice a day
I am angry and inconvenienced, but I know who to blame.
I don’t blame my brothers, my sisters, my comrades.

If you made this image let me know and I will credit you
I came across this image on Facebook. If you made it, or know who did, let me know and I will credit it.

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